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Something You Should Know!
You should know that you only need to use the school photographer for your FREE Yearbook photo. You can choose any professional photographer for your Senior portraits. Don't think that the school photographer is your only choice.
If you've seen Senior Portraits that aren't becoming to you,
         then you should be coming to me!
Derryl Barnes Photography where Creativity, Fun, and Professionalism reign.
I realize that price may often determine where you have your portraits taken so feel free to call maybe we can customize a package to fit your budget.

The Ultimate High School Senior Portrait Experience, allows us to capture Who You Are! It's a 90-minute portrait session on location, creatively using your special interests, including, but not limited to, your car, motorcycle, skateboard, instruments, uniforms, trophies, etc. On-line proofing along with a slideshow viewing and ordering session is included. I offer two levels of Portraits, GIFT PRINTS are finished with Mounting and are Lacquer sprayed, can be different poses, and your size choice 4x5, 5x7, 8x10. PORTRAITS are sold by the sheet and usually the same pose. ALL portraits are retouched.   A retainer/sitting fee of $100 is required to book an appointment, your entire balance must be paid when the order is placed. All major credit cards accepted. Payment plans are available.                                       

The Portrait Package
3 Gift Prints (30.min session)


The Graduate Package
8 Gift Prints


The Scholar 

10 Gift Prints


The Varsity Package
1-16x20 Gallery Wrap & 7 Gift Prints


* Most Popular *
The All-American Package
1-10x20 3 image collage + 16x20 Gallery Wrap + 9 Gift Prints 


The Ultimate Package

1-20x24 Gallery Wrap + 2-11x14 Gift Prints, 12 Gift Prints 


Session fee starts at $100

Ala Carte Prices
GIFT PRINTS Mounted & Lustre coated 4x5 or 5x7 or 8x10 $45


8X10 $30  2-5X7 $30 (same pose) 4-4X5 $30 (same pose)

8 Wallets (same pose) $30  1-5x7+2-4x5 (same pose) $30  3-4x6 (same pose) $30

Large and Wall Size Portrait Prints

11x14 $90   16x20 $125   20x24 $175  

16 wallets $55    24 wallets $75    48 wallets $125  96 wallets $200

10x20 3 Image collage $110

6 Panel Wallet Size Portrait Gallery $60 

Senior Photo Book 28 pages 8x12 $200

Senior Page Ads. Full page $50  Half page or Quarter page $25

  16x20 Gallery Wrap $175  20x24 Gallery Wrap $270 

A unique way to display images, we offer a variety of options for printing onto metal, all using the high-quality ChromaLuxe material. Photographs on metal can be ordered as a standUP® base, stand UP® curve, stand UP® flex or stand OUT™ in addition to standard metal prints or Artistic Edge Metals.
 5x7-$42 8x10-$57
11x14-$110 10x20-$160 
16x20-$180 20x24-$275 20x30-$300



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