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 Elgin, Bartlett, and St.Charles most sought-after, Award-winning, Certified Professional Photographer Derryl Barnes is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and Texas PPA. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Photography from Texas A&M University.  

 Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) is a designation earned from the Professional Photographic Certification Commission, (PPA) the world's leading certification agency of imaging professionals in the U.S. Every three years, CPPs must show that they have maintained the mark of excellence that the CPP designation represents. After meeting challenging requirements that measure artistic and technical competence and adherence to a strict code of conduct that upholds their mark of excellence the designation is earned.   

My award-winning photography has appeared in magazines, company brochures, and prominent homes. Studying and working closely with some of the most acclaimed photographers in the profession has propelled my creative portraits into works of art. Using traditional lighting plus creative ideas are the foundation of my intriguing Photography.

My home-based boutique studio offers Location, Studio and In-Home Portraits. The complimentary consultation is where your needs and expectations are addressed, which translates into outstanding service no matter what your photographic needs are! Check out my Next Level Sports Art gallery.

Also known as a Feeder and AAU basketball coach in the community and surrounding area, is how my Sports Art was developed. After creating dynamic team portraits for my son and league teams, I took it to the next level and "Taadow"! Now the Premier Sports and Senior Portrait Photographer in the Bartlett, Elgin, St.Charles, and the surrounding area.   

Destination Weddings and Assignments are accepted, Derryl Barnes Photography travels anywhere!

"It's not just photography to me ...I'm looking forward to photographing YOU!"

Please, call or contact me with your questions or to retain a date at 972 203 5767, for your convenience a Contact Me form is located at the top of the Website.
Thanks for visiting and I'm looking forward to photographing you!

Quick Clothing Tips

Choosing your clothing is very important to your portrait, to help eliminate visual confusion, similar color clothing is recommended so that no one person stands out in the family, group, or couple portrait. Long sleeves and solid colors are encouraged, while darker clothing is slimming, bright colors tend to overwhelm. Using these tips will generally enhance your portrait.
Outdoor Portraits
Outdoor Portraits allow more variety in clothing colors and backgrounds. Dressing up for outdoor portraits is great, however, casual clothing compliments outdoor environments well.


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